HSN is a leading interactive retailer and publisher reaching over 95 million homes 24 hours a day.  Their website (http://HSN.com) is also a major hub that serves as a sales platform, receiving 2.5 million unique visitors a month.

HSN prides itself on innovating the field of interactive retail, having built a large and active online community of fans who convert into customers.  Seeking new ways to keep the community aware, engaged with the brand, and excited about its product offerings, the retailer began licensing Arkadium’s games and fun interactive content (http://arcade.HSN.com/arcade).



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HSN Delivers a Custom Experience That Draws Hundreds of Millions of Pageviews While Building Revenue and Strong Brand Engagement


Among the variety of games and quizzes added to HSN’s Website is a unique, white label jigsaw called “Today’s Special Jigsaw” which automatically takes that day’s special promoted item and renders it onto a puzzle.  Indeed, every minute users spend interacting with the jigsaw helps build brand engagement and drives awareness, recall, and sales of “Today’s Special”.

HSN is building awareness for more than just the “Today’s Special”; they are leveraging their games and other interactive content as a distribution channel for their programming by including an embedded livestream on all content pages, more than 50 in total.  And their users have been watching: HSN’s average session duration is a whopping 22:21, about the length of an average half-hour television programming block.

What makes HSN’s interactive content so effective is its ability to balance sales messaging with enough fun and engagement to become a traffic draw.  In only two years, HSN’s interactive content has garnered almost 300 million pageviews, roughly one for every man, woman, and child in the United States. With Arkadium’s content and their embedded livestream, HSN has built a destination portal that draws large volumes of traffic, keeps users engaged with the brand for long periods, and drives sales.